CLI application.
Command that generates an encryption key.
Command that generates an opcache preloader script.
Command that generates a new application secret.
Command that lists all registered routes.
Command that clears the cache.
Cache base command.
Command that removes the chosen key from the cache.
Base command.
Command that creates a migration.
Command that rolls back the last batch of migrations.
Command that rolls back the last batch of migrations.
Command that checks if there are any outstanding migrations.
Command that runs all outstanding migrations.
Rollback trait.
Server command.
Cache service.
Command bus service.
Crypto service.
Database service.
Event service.
Gatekeeper service.
HTTP service.
Humanizer service.
I18n service.
Logger service.
Pagination factory service.
Redis service.
Abstract service.
Session service.
Signer service.
Validator factory service.
View factory service.
Error handler service.
Error handler service.
Web application.
Alias loader.
Cache manager.
APCU store.
Database store.
File store.
Increment and decrement interface.
Memcache store.
Memcached store.
Memory store.
Null store.
Redis store.
Base store.
Store interface.
WinCache store.
Extension of the PHP DateTime class.
Extension of the PHP DateTimeImmutable class.
Time interface.
Extension of the PHP DateTimeZone class.
Stopwatch lap.
Time trait.
Class finder.
Class inspector.
Argument parser.
Argument exception.
Invalid option exception.
Missing argument exception.
Argument exception.
Confirmation helper.
Question helper.
Secret helper.
Select helper.
Reader interface.
Formatter exception.
Formatter interface.
Alert helper.
Terminal bell helper.
Countdown helper.
Ordered list helper.
Progress bar helper.
Table helper.
Unordered list helper.
Helper trait.
Error writer.
Standard writer.
Writer interface.
Command bus.
Command bus interface.
Command handler interface.
Command interface.
Self handling command interface.
Adapter manager.
Connection manager.
Configurable trait.
Extendable trait.
Function parser trait.
Namespaced file loader trait.
Suggestion trait.
Config class.
Loader exception.
Loader interface.
Database connection manager.
Database connection.
Firebird database connection.
MySQL database connection.
Oracle database connection.
Postgres database connection.
SQLServer database connection.
SQLite database connection.
ORM query builder.
ORM result set.
Belongs to relation.
Belongs to polymorphic relation.
Has many relation.
Has many polymorphic relation.
Has one relation.
Has one or has many relation.
Has one polymorphic relation.
Many to many relation.
Base relation.
Has one or has many polymorphic relation.
Nullable trait.
Optimistic locking trait.
Read-only trait.
Timestamped trait.
Read-only exception.
Stale record exception.
Base migration.
Table join.
Query builder.
Raw SQL container.
Result set.
Subquery container.
Compiles SQL queries.
Compiles Firebird queries.
Compiles MySQL queries.
Compiles NuoDB queries.
Compiles Oracle queries.
Compiles Postgres queries.
Compiles SQL Server queries.
Compiles SQLite queries.
JSON path builder trait.
Query builder helper.
Query builder helper interface.
Query builder postgres helper.
Large object type.
Abstract type.
Type interface.
Error handler.
Handler interface.
Development handler.
Production handler.
Development handler.
Base handler.
Production handler.
Event listener.
Event handler interface.
File info.
File system.
Base adapter.
Adapter interface.
Session adapter.
With groups interface.
Authorizable interface.
Authorizer exception.
Authorizer interface.
Base policy.
Policy interface.
Authorizable trait.
Group entity interface.
Member interface.
User entity interface.
Group repository.
Group repository interface.
User repository.
User repository interface.
Executes requets.
HTTP response.
Bad request exception.
Forbidden exception.
Gone exception.
HTTP exception.
Invalid token exception.
Method not allowed exception.
Not found exception.
Service unavailable exception.
Too many requests exception.
Uploaded file.
Upload exception.
HTTP status codes.
JSON builder.
Response builder interface.
File response.
Redirect response.
Response sender interface.
Stream response.
Base controller.
Route dispatcher.
Route collection.
URL builder.
Constraint interface.
Access control allow origin middleware.
Content security policy middleware.
Middleware interface.
Security headers middleware.
Authorization trait.
Controller helper trait.
Input validation trait.
Basic content negotiation.
Internationalization class.
I18n exception.
Language loader.
Loader exception.
Loader interface.
Middleware stack.
Onion exception.
Pagination class.
Pagination factory.
Pagination factory interface.
Pagination interface.
Image manipulation class.
GD processor.
ImageMagick processor.
Image manipulation processor interface.
Calculate new image dimensions.
Base command.
Command interface.
Command dispatcher.
Controller helper trait.
Fire trait.
Redis connection.
Redis connection manager.
Redis pub/sub message.
Redis client.
Redis exception.
Key helpers.
Signs and validates strings using MACs (message authentication codes).
Crypto wrapper.
Crypto exception.
Crypto manager.
Base encrypter.
Encrypter interface.
OpenSSL encrypter.
Argon2i hasher.
Argon2id hasher.
Bcrypt hasher.
Base hasher.
Hasher exception.
Hahser interface.
Session class.
Database store.
File store.
Null store.
Redis store.
Store interface.
Inversion of control container.
Container exception.
Unable to instantiate exception.
Unable to resolve parameter exception.
Container aware trait.
Array helper.
HTML helper.
Makes data more human friendly.
Class containing number helper methods.
Helper class that allows you to retry a callable a set number of times if it fails.
Collection of string manipulation methods.
Class that generates and validates UUIDs.
IP utilities.
IPv4 utilities.
IPv6 utilities.
Validation exception.
Input validation.
Validator factory.
HTTP input.
HTTP input interface.
Input interface.
Input validation middleware.
Input validation trait.
After rule.
Alpha rule.
Alpha unicode rule.
Alphanumeric rule.
Alphanumeric dash rule.
Alphanumeric dash unicode rule.
Alphanumeric unicode rule.
Arr rule.
Before rule.
Between rule.
Date rule.
Different rule.
Email rule.
Email domain rule.
Exact length rule.
Float rule.
Greater than rule.
Greater than or equal to rule.
Hex rule.
I18n aware interface.
IP rule.
In rule.
Integer rule.
JSON rule.
Less than rule.
Less than or equal to rule.
Match field rule.
Max length rule.
Min length rule.
Natural rule.
Natural non-zero rule.
Not in rule.
Optional rule.
Regex rule.
Required rule.
Base rule.
Rule interface.
Time zone rule.
URL rule.
UUID rule.
Exists rule.
Unique rule.
Hash rule.
Hmac rule.
Is uploaded rule.
Max file size rule.
Max filename length rule.
Mime type rule.
Aspect ratio rule.
Exact dimensions rule.
Max dimensions rule.
Min dimensions rule.
Image size trait.
One-time token rule.
Token rule.
Doesn't validate when empty trait.
I18n aware trait.
Validates when empty trait.
View exception.
View factory.
Template compiler.
Plain PHP view renderer.
Renderer interface.
Mako template view renderer.
Escaper trait.