Increment and decrement interface.
Store interface.
Time interface.
Reader interface.
Formatter interface.
Writer interface.
Command bus interface.
Command handler interface.
Command interface.
Self handling command interface.
Loader interface.
Query builder helper interface.
Type interface.
Handler interface.
Event handler interface.
Adapter interface.
With groups interface.
Authorizable interface.
Authorizer interface.
Policy interface.
Group entity interface.
Member interface.
User entity interface.
Group repository interface.
User repository interface.
Response builder interface.
Response sender interface.
Constraint interface.
Middleware interface.
Loader interface.
Pagination factory interface.
Pagination interface.
Image manipulation processor interface.
Command interface.
Encrypter interface.
Hahser interface.
Store interface.
HTTP input interface.
Input interface.
I18n aware interface.
Rule interface.
Renderer interface.